It has passed almost 150 years since the time when Scottish physicists James Dewar invented the technology of vacuum flasks. Since then people have appreciated all the capabilities of this useful invention and its main relust – THERMOS – a vessel which is composed of two flasks with vacuum between them. The main purpose of vacuum flask is to keep heat for long time. Though before only glass flasks can be used to produce thermos, modern technologies allow to produce stainless steel flasks, that allow to keep heat longer and make the product more durable.

Stopper with button or stopper with thermal insulation inside
Silicone ring
Stainless steel outer flask
Stainless steel inside flask
Inside flask is covered with special thermal insulation cupper coating
Inside surface, which contacts with food or drinks, is cleaned using electrolytic method
Insulating vacuum space
Absorptive agent which removes the rest of air from the vacuum space