Useful information

Before use
  • Before use please fill your flask with hot water up to the neck and twist the stopper snugly. Leave the flask indoors for 30 minutes.
  • If the body of the flask gets warm during this time, the flask is defective, and it should be returned to the seller.
  • The flask should be washed with warm water before use.
Useful tips
  • Hot products will stay hot longer, if you pre-heat the inside of the flask with hot water before use.
  • Cold products will stay cold longer, if you put ice cubes inside before use.
  • To avoid smell, do not leave the flask with a tightly twisted stopper for long time.
  • To clean stains inside of the flask, please put two spoons of baking soda and pour hot water inside. After one hour put a handful of salt (large pieces), twist the stopper in and shake the flask. Then pour the water out and wash the flask.
What to avoid
  • Do not put the vacuum flask into microwave oven, close to heaters, do not wash it using alkaline solution.
  • It is not recommended to keep hot food in wide-mouth flasks for long time, otherwise it can spoil (turn sour).
  • Stoppers of some lunch boxes are equipped with special valves that make it easy to open the flask.
  • Please do not overfill the flask, leave some space inside to avoid scalding while opening.