• NTS-500V
  • 0,5 liter
  • 16 hours
  • 19 часов
  • 13,2 cm
  • 10,2 cm
  • 472 grams
  • 12cm х 12cm х 15,8cm
Other volumes
NRP vacuum lunch box produced under the brand name BIOSTAL refers to the premium AUTO series. Flasks of this series are made using the most advanced energy-efficient technologies and more effective isolating materials, as well as the newest technology of vacuum-pumping. Vacuum lunch boxes are designed to store hot food (mainly second courses), cold food (frozen food, ice-cream, etc.), fruit and ice. The stopper allows to keep heat longer due to additional thermal isolation. These lunch boxes are supplied with a bright and stylish pouch, which is made of modern materials with high thermal insulating characteristics. The pouch is designed not only for convenient carrying of the lunch box, but also to prolong time of preserving the heat inside of the lunch box according to the temperature range, specified in technical characteristics of the product.